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Chiltern Gold Nuggets Regular Saver Cash ISA

This is a Regular Monthly Saver Cash ISA with a variable interest rate and the opportunity to make 1 annual withdrawal.

As a regular saver Cash ISA, we cannot accept lump sum deposits of full annual subscriptions or transfers from other providers into this account.
This cash ISA is only intended for those customers who want to save a small amount on a monthly basis. See below for the maximum monthly contribution.

Download an application form for a Chiltern Gold Nuggets cash ISA. Complete this and send it to us together with a cheque for the first month. Cheques should be payable to Buckinghamshire Building Society re: [your name].

Transfers from other ISA providers are not permitted into this account.

Minimum balance £10 Minimum monthly contribution £10
Maximum balance £5,640 per tax year. Maximum monthly contribution £470

Regular monthly payments of the same amount each month must be made into this account. These can be made by cash, cheque, transfer or standing order. If a payment is not made within any calendar month, then the account will receive 0.1% gross interest for the entire tax year.

We will give you the opportunity to change your monthly subscription amount annually in April. This will be the monthly subscription amount for the entire tax year.

Your first payment must be made by cheque. We will then send you a form for you to send to your bank so they can set up the subsequent payments by standing order.

The ISA limit is £11,280 for the current tax year of which up to £5,640 can be invested in a cash ISA. The remainder can be invested in a stocks and shares ISA with the same or another provider.

You must be 16 years of age or over to invest in a cash ISA.

You may only pay into one cash ISA per tax year.

Please be aware that annual subscriptions will only be permitted into the account while the issue is still open. Should the issue be closed to new investments, you will be unable to subscribe to another cash ISA during the fiscal tax year. 

The account allows the facility to make 1 penalty free withdrawal per tax year (6 April – 5 April). If 2 or more withdrawals are made, then the account will receive 0.1% gross interest for the entire tax year.

You may transfer your cash ISA to another ISA manager provided you make your request in writing.

The account can be opened either in person at our branch or by post.

The account can only be opened by UK resident individuals (not companies, charities, clubs, etc.) in single names only. Joint accounts are not permitted.

Click here to view the interest rates.

Interest will be credited annually at 31st December  into the account.

The interest rate is variable and we may change it at any time.

Interest on this account will be paid gross providing that the ISA regulations have been fulfilled. Interest from this cash ISA will not have to be entered on your tax return.


Click here to see our identification procedures. We use an electronic system to verify your identity and we will only need to see documentary ID if this does not provide us with a positive result. If we do ask you for documentary ID, please do not send originals of your passport or driving licence through the post.

 Please note that, for legal reasons, we are unable to open an account unless we can verify your identity.


Upon opening this account you will automatically become a Member of the Society and be bound by its Rules. This account is subject to the Cash ISA Terms and Conditions as well as the Society's General Terms and Conditions.

You can transfer money from your cash ISA into your stocks and shares ISA, but not from stocks and shares into a cash ISA.

This cash ISA does not meet the voluntary standards set by the Government for deposit based stakeholder products.

The Society operates a 14 day cancellation period, so if you change your mind about opening this account you will receive all your original capital plus any interest accrued.

All new savers opening share accounts must agree to assign any future windfall rights to the Charities Aid Foundation. The application form has further details.

The Society reserves the right to suspend or amend an account at any time and potential investors should check that the required issue is still available.

The favourable tax status of ISAs is granted by the Government and may be subject to change.

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