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Following on from the continuing donations of Buckinghamshire Building Society to local charities via its close relationship with Heart of Bucks, the staff of the Society have made a further direct donation of £430, this time to the Bucks Coronavirus Stabilisation Fund.  

Rather than receiving a gift from the Society in recognition of their exceptional hard work and commitment throughout the lockdown period, the entire staff chose instead to donate to those from our local community in greater need.  

The appeal is an evolution of the Bucks Coronavirus Emergency Fund, which the Society made a generous donation to at the start of the pandemic, and looks to support charities and voluntary organisations as we begin to ease out of lockdown. Grants can now also be awarded to organisations who have lost income as a result of the virus, who need funds to adapt to our ‘new normal’, who need financial assistance to prevent problems from emerging or getting worse, and to support them for a longer period of time as they try to stabilise in the wake of lockdown.

To find out more about the appeal and see if your organisation could apply for funding, or to make a contribution, visit the dedicated pages on the Heart of Bucks website.

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