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Closed accounts terms and conditions

Chiltern Gold Nuggets regular saver Cash ISA

  • Save on a monthly basis
  • Minimum monthly payment £10
  • Maximum monthly payment £1,666.66
  • This account is subject to the maximum annual Cash ISA limit of £20,000
  • Lump sum payments or transfers in are not permitted
  • You can change the amount of your monthly subscription once per tax year
  • Please inform us if you change the amount on your standing order
  • There are no penalties for missed monthly payments, but you cannot make up the amount missed during the tax year (any previous penalties on these accounts were removed on 1st April 2017)
  • You can make unlimited withdrawals with no penalty, but you cannot replace money withdrawn back into the account
  • You can transfer your ISA out to another provider
  • All issues of this account were amalgamated into one on 1st April 2017


  • This is a variable rate bond for children up to the age of 16
  • There is no access before maturity on the child’s 16th birthday
  • Payments in are not permitted

120 day bond maturity bonus

  • Minimum balance £1,000
  • This account was for maturing bond funds only as a lump sum
  • Payments in are not permitted
  • A 1.00% bonus is paid if you do not make any withdrawals during the year
  • Withdrawals are permitted subject to 120 days notice or immediately with 120 days penalty loss of interest

Professional firm client accounts

  • There are designated and undesignated versions, both of which are instant access
  • Instructions for withdrawals are accepted by fax provided confirmation is sent by post
  • Cash withdrawals are not permitted
  • Bank transfers must only be to the firm’s own bank account

The following accounts were consolidated into other accounts in July 2018 and are governed by those Terms and Conditions

Easy Access, Simple easy access, ESC, Added Advantage, Ordinary Share – Now all Chiltern Easy Access

Notice 56, Chiltern Gold Tracker – Now all Chiltern Notice 7

Income generator, ESC 90, Bucks Fizz 180 day notice – Now all Chiltern Notice 180

Simple Cash ISA, ESC Cash ISA – Now all Cash ISA

Simple 30 day Cash ISA, ESC 30 day Cash ISA – Now all 30 day Cash ISA

Gold Rush 120 day Cash ISA, ESC 90 day Cash ISA – Now all 180 day Cash ISA