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Identification required for opening an account


We need to verify the identity of everyone opening a new savings account with the Society in order to help prevent fraud and to comply with money laundering regulations. 

Identification for Adults 

How do you identify a person? 

  • We use an approved electronic verification system to identify individuals over the age of 16. This uses the information you supply on the application form against records held by credit reference agencies. This search is not seen by lenders or used to assess your ability to obtain credit.
  • We accept copies of documentary evidence that includes documents with your signature which we keep on file to ensure we comply with rules to prevent any fraudulent activity on your account.

What if I don’t have any documents I can use?

Please talk to our staff as we have procedures in place for customers who cannot provide the preferred documents.

Please note the Society does not open accounts for people who have a tax liability outside the UK.

You will need:

1 item from List A and 1 item from list B. You may provide normal photocopies of the documents as proof of your identity. Please do not send originals in the post. 

List A

List B

  • Valid passport

  • Recent instrument of a court appointment

  • Valid photocard full driving licence 

  • Recent evidence of entitlement to a state or local authority benefit

  • National identity card (non UK Nationals)

  • Current council tax demand letter or statement
  • Firearms certificate or shotgun licence

  • Current bank statement
  • Identity card issued for voters in Northern Ireland

  • Recent utility bills (not mobile phone bills or bills printed from the internet)
  • Valid old style driving licence

  •  Valid photocard full driving licence 
  • Valid provisional driving licence
  •  Valid provisional driving licence

Please note - a valid photocard driving licence can only be used for either list A or list B, not for both.

Indentification For Children’s Accounts -

Does my child need to be identified?

It is not possible to electronically identify children (under 16’s) therefore we require documents as proof of identity for the child from one of the lists below.  The requirements will depend on the age of the child and whether or not they operate the account themselves.

Up to age 7 with an adult operating the account:

ONE piece of identification from List A. A birth certificate alone is acceptable along with the adult's ID.

Age 7 - 16 with an adult operating the account:

ONE piece of identification from List A. A birth certificate alone is not acceptable, but can be used alongside another item from Lists A or B. The adult operating the account must also supply ID.

Age 7 - 16 operating the account themselves:

  • ONE piece of identification from List A and ONE from List B.
  • If no ID is available from List B in the child's name, then an item in the name of the parent or guardian if they live at the same address from List B will be accepted alongside the child's ID from List A.

I am the adult operating the account, do I still need to be identified?

If your child is under age 7 the account must be opened and operated by an adult and therefore the adult(s) require identification as stated in the above section “Identification for Adults.” If your child is over 7 and you are a signatory / operating the account you must also supply evidence of your identity.

List A for children

 List B for children

  • Valid Passport 

  • Evidence of Child Benefit

  • Birth Certificate

  • Local authority or other school correspondence

  • Education travel pass with photo

  • Letter from a doctor, dentist or a prescription

  • Proof of age card with photo

  • Evidence of Child Trust Fund or other bank account

  •  Local education authority or other school correspondence