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ISA Terms and Conditions

In addition to our General Terms and Conditions, the following ISA conditions apply. If there is a conflict, the ISA conditions will take priority.

  • The ISA investments will be, and must remain in, the beneficial ownership of the investor and must not be used as security for a loan

  • The ISA manager will satisfy himself that any person to whom he delegates any of his functions or responsibilities under the terms agreed with the investor is competent to carry out those functions and responsibilities

  • The ISA manager must notify the investor if, by reason of any failure to satisfy the provisions of the ISA regulations, an ISA has, or will, become void.

  • On the instructions of the investor and within the time stipulated by the investor, subject to the withdrawal conditions of the account, an ISA, or part of an ISA, shall be transferred to another ISA manager within 15 days of the investor’s request in accordance with the ISA regulations relating to transfers

  • On receipt of a transfer instruction from the new ISA manager, we will send the funds and information to the new manager within 5 business days of receipt

  • On receipt of a transfer instruction from the investor, we will send it to the old ISA manager, together with confirmation that we will accept the transfer, within 5 business days of the date of receipt.

  • On receipt of the funds from the old ISA manager, we will credit the funds to the account within 3 business days.

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  • Essential Saving Information

    Essential Saving Info

    For important information, including Savers General Terms and Conditions and identification, please click below for full details.

  • Need Some Help?

    We’ve tried to provide all the information you need, but sometimes it helps to ask in person and we’re here to help…

  • Savings Statements

    We apologise for the delay in sending out our annual statements to members this year. This is due to the current situation, with many of our staff working remotely. We are still going ahead with issuing statements and this will contain the annual interest earned for your tax return. We are putting in place plans to send these out during May. We appreciate your patience during this time.