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    • Initial Rate fixed to 31 August 2024
      3.45% fixed
    • Followed by our Standard Variable Rate (SVR) for the rest of the term
      5.64% variable
    • The overall cost for comparison is
      5.6% APRC
    • Maximum Loan to Share
      95% LTS including fees
    • Application Fee
    • Product fee - may be added to the loan
    • Early Redemption charge
      Charges will apply to any lump sum or
      full redemption paid over 10% of the capital balance
      2% up to 31/08/2023
      1% up to 31/08/2024


    • There is no application fee.
    • Product fee is £350 which may be added to the loan subject to the maximum LTV.
    • Valuation fees are payable as detailed in the separate tariff and will be instructed by the Society. 
    • Solicitors and licensed conveyancers fees are not based on a set scale and solicitors must be approved by Buckinghamshire Building Society.
    • Funds transfer fee £25.
    • Proc fees are 0.38% capped at £4,000.

    Other charges may be made in respect of mortgage services. See our Fees Guide for details.

    Percentage of Shared Ownership

    This mortgage is available on a shared ownership basis with the mortgage taken out on a share of the property of between 25% and 75%, with rent payable to the landlord on the remaining share.

    Acceptable Credit Criteria

    This product accepts our standard credit criteria click here for details

    Early Repayment Charge (ERC)

    Early Repayment Charges as shown below are payable on any lump sum or full redemption repaid over 10% of the capital balance. 

    • 2% up to 31/08/2023
    • 1% up to 31/08/2024


    During the early repayment charge period lump sum overpayments up to 10% of the capital balance per annum may be made without attracting an early repayment charge. Should the total of lump sum overpayments exceed 10% within this period, the excess will attract an early repayment charge.
    Once the early repayment charge period has ended overpayments can be made at any time.
    If an overpayment of £500 or more is made, we will recalculate the monthly payment the following month..


    You can check affordability through our calculator where we assess on affordability as an alternative to income multiples. Please note we will fully review bank statements and expenditure during the underwriting process. Click here to find out more


    This mortgage is available on a repayment basis only. Payments must be made monthly by direct debit.

    Maximum Loan to Share (LTS)

    Maximum LTS 95% of the customer's share of the property between 25% and 75% including fees. 

    Age limits

    The minimum age is 18 for all applicants. There is no maximum age. Earned income considered up to age 75. Cases are considered on individual circumstances.

    Loan Size

    Minimum loan £25,000
    Maximum loan £500,000

    Mortgage Term

    The maximum mortgage term is 40 years dependent on individual circumstances.


    This product is portable, meaning that if the applicant moves home they can take it with them, subject to our lending criteria at the time.


    Interest is calculated daily on the balance outstanding and added to the account the following month.