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Find out more about Buckinghamshire Building Society

A home for your money... & money for your home.

Buckinghamshire Building Society is an award winning, mutually owned independent Building Society, founded in 1907.

The Society offers a wide range of savings accounts & specialist mortgage products to customers throughout England & Wales, through intermediaries.

2021 Here To Help Fund 

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Annual General Meeting 2022 

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Buckinghamshire Building Society as a mutual society is committed to working in an ethical and responsible manner to the benefit of our members and the local community.  Many of our values naturally align to the pillars of corporate social responsibility. 

Invigorating our local Community

As the only financial institution in Chalfont St Giles, the Society is actively involved in the local community. We support local schools, clubs and charities with donations and staff involvement.

We act as champions for the village of Chalfont St Giles and regularly support local events and community initiatives such as the annual fireworks, Christmas lights and the summer village show.

"The Buckinghamshire Building Society has always given the village of Chalfont St Giles great support. They very generously contribute to events, such as the Literary Festival and the Christmas celebrations, which are designed to encourage visitors to the village and which in turn help the prosperity of the community."

Kathleen Martin, Chairman, Chalfont St Giles and Jordan’s Revitalisation Steering Group

Our Charitable Foundation

In 2011, we set up a charitable foundation with the Heart of Bucks.  This generates a fund that is donated to a selected charity.  Annually, our members vote for the cause that they wish to support through this Heart of Bucks community fund. 

Over the last three years we have made donations to  MacMillan Cancer Support  Medical Detection Dogs. and most recently Pace.

We are proud to have recently been recognised as Community Investors, we are seen as a business which has actively pursued responsible and impactful corporate initiatives, through our work with Heart of Bucks.

Investing in an engaged and empowered workforce

Our staff and our employee culture are central to what makes this Society as strong as it is.  A large proportion of our team live in the local area, meaning that the company has a sense of belonging to the community.  Our team work together with customers and local groups to support and improve the environment around us.

We continually invest in staff development to ensure that we have the right skills and qualifications within the organisation to meet our member needs.

A Living Wage employer, the company has a vibrant and committed employee council.  They meet regularly and provide feedback to help continue to make the company a great place to work.  The company provide the opportunity for staff to use volunteer days to support causes that are important to them. Staff can apply for charity fund matching to support personal fund-raising efforts.

Providing support for our members in branch

Buckinghamshire Building Society pay particular attention to Vulnerable Customer needs.  We detail best practice for staff dealing with these individuals, offer large print documents and provide a hearing loop on the counter.

The Society is signed up to the “Safe Place Scheme” This scheme offers a place of safety to those in the community who find themselves distressed, or at potential risk whilst out alone.

Our customers value their privacy and appreciate discretion. A private interview room is available for branch visitors should this be required.

On the lending side of our business, customers who may be in financial difficulties are treated sympathetically with every effort made to assist them to make suitable arrangements.



Buckinghamshire Building Society is celebrating after winning two awards at a prestigious award ceremony held in London in 2019. At the Mortgage Finance Gazette Awards, held at The Royal College of Physicians in London, the Society walked away with the awards for Best Local Building Society and Mortgage Product Innovation.

In 2021, we were delighted to walk away with once again award for Mortgage Product Innovation, with a focus on our Family Assist product range.


What is Membership?

Mutuality is a word you hear a lot in relation to building societies. It means that we are owned by our Members – you, our customer, and not by external shareholders. This means that you, as a Member, have the right to vote at our AGM and therefore have a say in how the society is run. As there are no dividends to pay to external shareholders, our profits are used to improve our business and therefore our service to you. We are also active supporters of the local community around Buckinghamshire.

You become an individual shareholder when you open a savings account or take out a mortgage with us and are eligible to vote at our AGM if you are 18 years old or older, if you are a saver and have £100 or more in your savings account.

What’s the difference between a member and a customer?
All of our individual customers who have a share account (any personal savings account) or a mortgage with us are our Members. The only customers who are not Members are those that have deposit savings accounts – companies, charities, clubs, trusts and SIPP accounts.

All our Members are equal, no matter how much money you have with us. If you are a voting Member, you have one vote.

Our Vision & Purpose

The fundamental purpose of the Society is to help people achieve financial security by providing a safe home for their savings and helping them to buy a home of their own, at whatever stage of their life, particularly where the complexity of their circumstances requires a bespoke approach.

Our vision is to maintain and build a members’ Society, fit for purpose to valuably serve our members (present and future) and thereby prosper in a challenging future.


Based in the small village of Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire Building Society is a Mutual Society and as such is owned by its members. In common with all mutual societies, the Society has no shareholders to pay, so the emphasis is firmly on providing a traditional service and value to existing and new members. Founded in 1907 by a group of local businessmen it was originally called the Chalfont & District Permanent Building Society, and it was renamed the Buckinghamshire Building Society in 1961.

Our services have not fundamentally changed since our beginnings in 1907, we offer a range of uncomplicated savings accounts as well as "tailor made" mortgage products to suit the individual needs of our borrowers.


If at any time you have cause for complaint you can raise it with us in person, by phone, by email or by post. Read our full procedure here.